Commercial Office Movers Melbourne

P2P Relocation Management can engage in your relocation from the initial stages of searching for a new location or once you have secured your premises.

Our team can drive your Warehouse and Office relocation from the very beginning. We help you set your criteria and take into account your business aims. We can seek out suitable premises in Melbourne & other parts of Australia for office movers and narrow down potential properties for you to inspect.

  • Transport,
  • Office size and layout
  • proximity to customers and services
  • street access and parking
  • cost and length of lease
  • and requirements particular to your service delivery.

It is important to be confident in knowing what your new lease will provide and the conditions your business is agreeing to. We have a long-term relationship with LFS Legal Barristers and Solicitors who specialise in commercial leasing, property law and owner’s corporation legal work.
Once you have secured your premises you will start planning your relocation with our Projects team. A Relocation Project Manager will work from your office, establishing open communication and rapport.
Information to Staff, through updates and a ‘welcome pack’ about the new location, give them knowledge and ownership of the business move. Through the transition we take steps to keep your team positive, involved and informed.

We integrate with your business, people to people, to manage the relocation seamlessly. You will consider us a part of your team, working onsite to give you and your staff ownership and transparency. We want to understand your business, your service delivery, who your stakeholders are and how you operate. You have continuous involvement and knowledge of the change, because we believe in People to People service. The results will be a relocation that meets your needs.

P2P Relocation managers will ensure everything is in place for you to operate at your new premises:

  • Power, Data and phone points.
  • Electricity and Water service.
  • Internet Service.
  • Telephone Service, including former service redirected or notifications in place
  • Computer Infrastructure and Systems
  • Audio Visual equipment
  • Construction, painting and flooring as required
  • Office furniture including boardroom and kitchen
  • External and Internal signage
  • Stocked Kitchen for that first cup of tea or coffee
  • Location and travel information for you and your staff
  • Mail forward in place
  • Notification of Business Relocation to stakeholders, customers, suppliers, professional associations, service providers and subscription services
  • Security system installed, access codes or cards supplied
  • Process agreed and in place for dealing with Repairs & Maintenance
  • Cleaning of previous premises
  • Sale or Disposal of any unwanted furniture

Relocation days are the ‘main event’ in your project. All the planning and preparation lead to this stage. The success of this time is crucial to your business continuity and staff well-being. Your People to People Relocation Manager will be there to co-ordinate all services and deal with any issues that may arise.

Post-relocation is the time to “dot all the I’s and cross all the T’s”. Your Relocation manager allows approximately 2 weeks to address any need, hand over relocation details and have you sign off on the project completion.

Being experienced Melbourne based office movers, P2P we will see you through all the stages in this major change in your business.