Commercial Relocation Services

A commercial office relocation can be a complex and intimidating process. There’s so many factors to consider and sometimes they go unnoticed. For example, IT services need specialist attention and relocation can be dangerous and unproductive when it’s done incorrectly. Your relocation has an assigned Project Manager that takes the responsibility and care needed to make sure your relocation runs smoothly and efficently.

Your business can’t suffer from downtime in IT systems or loose work hours that should be focused on growing your business. P2P Relocation Services can do more than relocate you; we can improve your new office set up, optimise your IT systems and improve health and safety. This means your colleagues will feel welcome and comfortable in their new workplace, become more productive and engage with your organisation.

P2P Relocation Services assess your business needs and takes action so that losses from relocation don’t occur and the relocation minimally affects your operations. We stay in constant contact and stay in touch with you through the whole process, so you and your colleagues feel confident that their work and belongings won’t be lost in-transit.

We will install security systems, supply access cards and codes that protect your new office and it’s assets. We also furnish boardrooms and work spaces, paint or lay flooring that suits your organisation and it’s personality.

Ultimately your business’ security is just as important, so seeking a professional relocation service provider doesn’t just make business sense, but protects your business from the typical things that go wrong.