Relocation Project Management Melbourne FAQ

Q. Can an P2P Relocation Project Management find me a property in Melbourne or the place of relocation?
A: Absolutely. You know what’s important to you, we can do the leg work to match those requirements. Save your time trawling through advertisements and listings, only view those properties that are worth your consideration.

Q. How soon should we engage a Relocation Project Manager once our new premises are secured?
A: After initial project discussions, our experience has proven a medium sized business will require 8 weeks of lead time, prior to relocation, for expected outcomes to be realised. Our Relocation Project Management Services will engage with you anywhere from 16 hours a week to 40 hours a week, depending on the size of your business. Part-­‐ time hours are sufficient for smaller sized businesses in Melbourne & other interstate areas.

Q. Is this a good time to refresh our current IT Infrastructure?
A: As an experienced Melbourne Based IT service provider, People to People can recommend, implement and maintain your hardware and software infrastructure. Business relocations often aim to accommodate expansion of the business and it’s essential that the hardware platform will support longevity and a good return on investment. We have IT trained architects that will design and implement a network for your needs.

Q. What if our ISP has missed our official relocation date?
A: All project planning and execution considers the worst case scenario. We have contingencies in place to action in the event a task of the project is delayed. People to People’s infrastructure are fully equipped to temporarily accommodate your email service. When your internet service becomes available your emails will be directed seamlessly via your isp (Internet Service Provider).

Q. Will our core business be operational on the next business day after relocation?
A: Yes. Our core focus will be on your IT infrastructure and ensuring your service delivery is up and running on your next business day. We will have discussed and planned for your priorities for that next business day and will have those operational first. You will be immediately and fully informed and consulted if we foresee there being any barriers to any stage being completed on time.

Q. What will happen when clients ring our previous phone numbers?
A: In many cases you will be able to bring across your existing telephone numbers, depending on your new location. One of our tasks is to organise the automatic redirection of telephone, fax and mail services.

Q. Can People to People set up Audio Visual equipment?
A: Yes, we have AV specialists and hardware suppliers to provide and setup the equipment that is suitable for your boardroom or training room.

Q.Can you setup Home IT networks, TV and Audio systems?
A: Yes. People to People have trained technicians who can setup your system for you. You’ll be watching your favourite shows on your first night in your new home.