Corporate IT Relocation Services Melbourne

P2P Computer Services has been providing IT solutions and services to clients since 1999. Integrated with the People to People Relocation Management team in Melbourne, we can relocate your IT infrastructure with precision and minimum downtime.

Relocation is an excellent opportunity to refresh your existing infrastructure. What will your business, lets say in Melbourne need in five years time? Will you have the capacity for growth with your current server and networking equipment? Our IT Systems Architect can help you design and plan a customised IT network for your current and future business needs. Capacity, Security and Scalability is the essence to protecting your investment.

Our corporate relocation services can provide you with finance options over a three, four or five year lease term. This allows you to invest in the growth of your business without the upfront cost. Our flagship product provides a specialised market accepted financial structure for a total computerised solution (even software only transactions) and there exists no means that an organisation can obtain a more effective financing solution for such a purchase.

This product arranged by our corporate relocation services in Melbourne enables the legal funding of all components of a computer installation. This will maximise taxation benefits and is fully compliant with software licensing requirements. Financing can accommodate the upgradability of hardware and or software. When compared to any type of leasing, hire purchase, bill line funding, cash purchase or anything else offered, your will have a lower cost and more flexibility.

Finance Options Available.