Residential Relocation Services

Moving home can become a stressful and daunting task when it’s your first move, or even if you have a much larger property, the task seems enormous. There’s so much more involved than just shifting your belongings from one place to another. Transferring gas, electricity, telephone and home internet, home speaker systems; the list goes on. Getting a professional in for each service is a drawn out and annoying process.

P2P Relocation Services can simplify your relocation with a team of experts that will establish each service on your behalf, so there’s no endless phone calls to service providers and making sure the downtime between moving is reduced. Our careful and thoughtful relocation experts are experienced in moving antique furniture, expensive electronics, pianos or other high-end studio recording equipment.

We will inform your family and friends of your move and redirect all your mail to your new address. We can even stock up your kitchen so you can enjoy your first tea or coffee in your new home. We pride ourselves in the details and make sure you’re comfortable in your new residence, so you can focus on work, family or retirement.

If you lead a busy lifestyle and relocation can’t fit into your schedule, P2P Relocation Services will work with you and get a keen insight into your relocation needs. Each relocation is unique, so spending time with you to make sure everything runs smoothly is our top priority.